If you’re a blogger, you know that ads are an important source of revenue for all the writing effort that you’ve put in. In fact, it might be the only source of revenue!

The question is, where should you put your advertisements?

Website Real Estate

Many website designers understand the importance of “real estate” on a webpage. That is to say, there is only so much room on various devices for information and elements to be placed. Those elements should be strategically placed to maximize whatever is being presented to your visitors.

If you want your readers to get the best blogging experience, then you should make sure that the blog your visitors are trying to read – they’re on your site because they want to read the article, not click advertisements. However, hopefully your ads are relevant and could be of use to your visitors!

White space is an important factor when considering your users’ experience. Notice how this blog is evenly spaced, both in the mobile and desktop versions. Ads don’t clutter the entire blog; we only have them after the 2nd paragraph and the last paragraph of this article, and if you’re on a desktop then you’ll see one or two on the right-hand side.

You should also consider your gutter size, which is the vertical space between different elements on the site. Notice how these words aren’t right up against the sidebar on the right, and there’s a little bit of room? That’s proper use of white space.

Types of Advertisements

There are three categories of ads for blogs when working with Google AdSense: Text Ads, Banner Ads, and Display Ads.

I can’t say what ads you’re looking at on our website right now, as the cookies on your web browser have been following you around the internet until you got to this blog. Google REALLY wants you to click on an ad so their advertisers have to pay, and we’ll get a few cents (go ahead, do us a favor if you want!). Regardless of this, we’ve set up two types of ads on our blogs: vertical banner ads (sidebar) and in-feed display ads (the nice-looking ones at the beginning and end of this article).

We use a plugin called WP Simple AdSense Insertion. It’s one of the easiest ways to place ads on your blog if you’re using WordPress, and we highly recommend it. Of course, this requires that you set up an AdSense account, which we show you how to do here.

Strategic Ad Placement

Since you’re reading this article and studying how to monetize your own blog, I invite you to actually study this page on a desktop web browser and look at it analytically. Notice again how we’ve placed two in-article display ads (hopefully they’re relevant to you!) after the 2nd paragraph, and after the last sentence before my author bio.

Consider the fact that other than the first ad, you didn’t really have to keep ruining the flow of the blog by dealing with annoying ads popping up, one placed every other sentence, or taking you to an entirely different page altogether with a spammy “congratulations, you’ve won!” message. Mostly, it’s because we actually want you to learn something, and we’re not trying to scam you like many other sites.

Jamming your blog full of ads is not only considered rude and annoying, but it’s also a great way to get your AdSense account cancelled. Why put all that effort into writing a great article, only to speckle it with poorly-designed display ads?

Thinking of your readers’ experience is its own reward, and it will come in the form of higher traffic of your website. Your readers may not consciously understand why they keep reading your blogs, but it will be because you designed it in such a way that is very enjoyable.

If you’re looking to start your own website or need help with marketing online but you don’t know where to begin, contact us.