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So, the question really is…why aren’t you using text message marketing?!

The clients that we’ve seen use text message marketing have, more than any other digital marketing medium, found immediate increase in sales and return customers.

Your messages go straight into your customer’s pockets, promote brand loyalty, and subconsciously create a personal connection with your products and services because they chose to listen to your text marketing!

This also avoids the issue of being seen as spam, because when a customer texts something like “SENTEXT” to 51660, they are asked to approve permission to receive texts from that number. If your customers no longer want to receive messages, they simply reply STOP.

How does it work?

See what SenText customers are saying!

SenText has been a unique opportunity to engage with our customers in a new and relevant way. Our customers coming through the door have increased by at least half of what they were before. Thanks, SenText!

McDonald's (Restaurant Chain) | Othello, WA

We’ve worked with SenText for almost a year now and have been very happy with the program. I would recommend SenText to any business and this program has allowed us to target customers we may otherwise miss.

Chick-fil-A (Restaurant Chain) | Cumberland, MD

SenText has given us the ability to more rapidly connect with our target group and communicate strategically. We have found SenText to be a reliable means of communication that instantly touches our desired group. What an easy way to send key updates and information!

First Baptist Church (Religious Organization) | Mathiston, MS

I was extremely hesitant to use SenText. I really didn’t think I could get people to sign up and I also didn’t think I would get business out of the service. Boy, was I wrong. The first time I used the service I made more than enough to pay the monthly billing fee. My customers are more than happy to receive a text from Adorn Me. They know I only send a couple a month and all have an incentive attached to them or an alert for a new arrival.

Adorn Me (Retail Store) | Newtown, PA

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