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Frequently Asked Questions

These are common questions that our customers ask us regularly.

What if we only need one social platform managed?

Before we begin working with you, we’ll determine if you only need one platform, or the max three. The price listed in this chart is not based on the number of platforms we manage for your company, but rather on the quality of content being created.

Who creates the content at Cassus Media?

As of now, our founder is the only full-time employee. However, we hire out industry professionals to help reduce our costs and liability. That way, if our subcontractors don’t do the work they’re supposed to, we don’t pay them and give you a partial refund if necessary.

Why choose a PPC campaign over organic social media?

The main difference behind pay-per-click and organic marketing campaigns is their targeting effectiveness. In other words, while it’s fairly easy to push out quality content without paying for ads, you will not be able to target your ideal customer.

Will we be assigned a business account manager?

At this time, our founder Paul Cassarly works personally with each one of our clients to ensure that their marketing campaigns are as effective as possible. 

What are the benefits of starting with social media?

If you have a startup with capital to work with, but need to spread your message deep into the minds and hearts of your customers, social media is the approach you will want to take to ensure that when you launch a PPC campaign, we’ll know what works.

How do we sign up for your services?

Since we pride ourselves on a personal business relationship, please use the Contact page to send us a message. We’ll respond as soon as possible to set up a time to talk on the phone – or, just call us first during our business hours: Mon through Fri, 9:00am – 5:00pm EST.