Do you have a service that you offer your clients? If so, you’ll want to have your own website!

Offering services online – especially remote services – are a great way to make money online from home. Below, we’ll explore the different ways that you can display your services in an appealing way and entice your customers to make the right choice.

Clearly Define Your Services

As you can see on the front end of our website, we clearly offer one thing: website design. As an added benefit, you receive free web hosting (if it’s not clear enough, let us know!).

As a service-based business, we know the difference between a bad service website and one that clearly shows what a business does. Some companies offer services, but they don’t outline it for their potential customers, and as a result lose business.

The best way to design any website these days is to adopt the K.I.S.S. method (Keep It Simple, Stupid!). The hard truth is, customers have extremely short attention spans, and so the more time it takes a customer to find what they’re looking for, the less likely it is that they’ll convert to a paying customer.

It’s All About The Customer

Your customers want to feel an emotion. They want to feel appreciated, loved, and know that they’re being taken care of.

These might sound childish, but in the end everyone wants to know that the company they’re giving their hard-earned money to takes the time to give them that extra-special attention. The larger a company is, the harder it is to do – but since you’re an entrepreneur, there’s no excuse!

Take the time to build your website to not only be user-friendly, but also create the sensation that your customer will receive priority customer service and attention to detail.

Make It A No-Brainer

When you hear an ad on the radio or see a commercial on television, you commonly hear the phrase “we’re the #1 choice” or “we’re the obvious choice”. The reason? They want to simply plant the idea subconsciously in their customers’ minds: why wouldn’t they hire them?

Your website is basically a static ad for your services. If you can get them to visit your website, your job isn’t over; you now have to keep them there and go through your sales funnel process.

Make it really easy for your customers to find what they’re looking for, and throughout the process keep reminding them that you’re the #1 choice for a reason!

Provide Useful Information

We have a blog simply to provide you with the tools you need to create your own website, even if you don’t hire us to build it for you. Why? We want you to know that we know what we’re talking about, and maybe you’ll recommend us to your friends.

It’s as simple as that.

Somewhere on your website, whether it’s links to useful articles or outside resources, make sure to provide your visitors with something that will help them. This not only places you as a subject matter expert, but it also helps your visitors appreciate your business that much more.

To Price Or Not To Price?

One of the biggest debates among marketers is whether or not you should provide your prices on your website. While this this an issue, your business service costs may depend on the type of work that you do for your clients – in this case, you obviously wouldn’t put a price on your website (for instance, you charge $20 an hour to write resumes for job seekers).

One of the reasons putting your price on your website would be a good idea is that it gives your customers the ability to shop around, in which case you may be shooting for lower prices and try to beat out the competition that way. You may not make as much money as your competitors per sale, but you could potentially make more in quantity of orders.

On the other hand, not listing your price is thought to invite intrigue, and only bring in serious customers who truly need your business. We don’t list our price to build a website on the main page (pssst, but here’s a secret – we’ll build any website for just $499!) because it gives our team the assurance to know that our customers are serious about needing a site built (and they really want that sweet, sweet free hosting perk).

Build It To Last

Your website should be a modern, sleek representation that does your service business justice. Using a website builder such as Divi Builder is a great way to do this on WordPress, as it gives you full customization of your website and pretty much every aspect is covered.

Desktop computers are soon to be a thing of the past in the coming decades, and smartphones are the future. Make sure your website is optimized for mobile phones (and all devices, really). Make it so your website is recognizable and doesn’t have to be edited too often so you can focus on what you do best: serving your customers.

If you’re looking to start your own website or need help with marketing online but you don’t know where to begin, contact us.