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You should be able to work from home.

We believe that everyone has skills and talents that can help other people, and in our line of work this means helping businesses do more business.

When you work for Cassus Media, you’re not stuck working out of an office, dealing with a demanding boss, and hoping you don’t get fired because you couldn’t help being late for the third time this week.

If this describes your situation, then we say screw that. Work for us.

Now keep in mind that we’re a GROWING company, and that means we expect you to work as hard as you can. But, we believe that you should be equally rewarded for the work you do instead of being paid a low wage to make the company more money. That’s why we’re currently hiring Outbound Sales Representatives to call, email, and message businesses to sell our services.

We offer 25% commission on every sale. For instance, if you sell our Startup Package for $1,499, you’ll make $374.75. If you can do that just 10 times in a month, you’ll have made $3,747.50. If you sell our Platinum Business Package 10 times, you’ll make $9,997.50 in one month. That’s almost $120,000 a year! Not a bad deal.

If you’re looking to make recurring income, we also offer our same deal as we do for our Affiliate Program when you sell the Cassus Media 360° Marketing Strategy™ package, priced at $1,500 per month. Each time you sell this package (all you have to do really is set up an appointment through our Consultation page), and if they sign up with us, you earn $400 a month per client, per month.

Before you apply, here’s a video from our owner & founder:

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