Virtual Business Box™

We’ll set up your entire online business quickly, with no hassle.

All businesses start from the beginning.

In 2017, Paul Cassarly was simply a young man with a dream and some skills. In just a few short years, Cassus Media has grown to help clients across the U.S. and Europe grow their businesses online – an international brand!

If you have a dream of becoming a successful business owner but don’t know where to begin, our Virtual Business Box™ program will get you set up from “soup to nuts”. Here’s how it works:

  1. Set up a FREE consultation with us – use the scheduling tool below to see if this program will be beneficial for you.
  2. We’ll send you an invoice – the cost for this program is $1,549, everything included.
  3. We’ll do the paperwork to get your business legalized in your state.
  4. Then, we’ll get your EIN for you – there is no additional cost for this, as these are absolutely FREE through the IRS (don’t fall for the scams out there). You can get it yourself if you like, but then what’s the point of this program, right?
  5. Once you’re established, we’ll work with you to purchase a unique domain name. We’ll host everything for you on our Dreamhost account, and you’ll have full administrative control of your domain.
  6. We then develop your branding – colors, logo, fonts, the works.
  7. We’ll build a modern website, no matter how large it needs to be. Turnaround time is generally one week.
  8. Then, we’ll set up all of your social media platforms for you with your branding already in place.
  9. Finally, we’ll provide you with a solid marketing strategy and SBA business plan to get you going. If you need to pitch to investors, you’ll have everything you need to confidently approach them with the information they generally require.

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