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When you want a customer to remember your product or service, it has to be memorable. The design must be impeccable. The materials should be of the highest quality. The craftmanship, unparalleled. The delivery is quick and efficient, with the best results.

Unfortunately, many times this is not the case – the highest-quality products and services are reserved for the richest of men, and the rest of us? Well, we get the mass-produced, plastic stuff that comes from China. It’s not to say that products that come from China are bad, necessarily, it’s just that many products tend to have a shorter lifespan due to cheap materials and terrible design. If you want a high-end product, you’re most likely going to have to finance it or save up the dough.

Personally, when I purchase something, I tend to think of it as an investment for my life. Whether I’m purchasing a piece of home furniture, or something replenishable like a pen, I’m asking the question, “How does this purchase help better my life?”

Let’s take the example of a pen, for instance. If you visit a Staples or an Office Depot, you’ll find many different styles, tip sizes, and prices. You could purchase a pack of Bic® pens made of cheap plastic, some G2 pens (made of a better plastic), or a fancy wooden pen that retails for $50.00. Which would you choose?

Well, if you’re thinking in terms of quality, you would think that the $50 pen is better than a pack of G2 pens, right? Not exactly. You see, if you need your pen to lookexpensive, then that would be of a higher quality to you – but usually, these pens don’t always write that well and have inconsistent ink flow. A pack of Bic® pens (quantity) seem to grab more bang for your buck, but they also don’t always write the best, either. If you want quality and quantity, the G2 pens seem to be the best choice, because you have excellent writing quality as well as some quantity (you can get four pens per pack, or twelve if you buy in bulk). In this case, quality trumped quantity because writing quality took precedence.

This idea also applies to services rendered. Let’s use the example of a construction team: ABC Construction, Inc. pulls in front of your house to fix your roof. A team of 16 men pour out of three white F-350 diesel trucks, grab a bunch of tools, slam ladders against your rain gutter and scurry onto the roof. For hours you hear ripping, hammering, sawing, drilling, and all other sorts of noises until evening. They stick an invoice in your mailbox, and they’re gone by dusk.

The following morning you grab your coffee, walk out of your home in your bathrobe, and…your roof is incomplete. Tiles are lying on the ground, a few hammers are stuck in your gutter, and you’re pretty sure one of the construction men is asleep on your roof under a blue tarp. This is an extreme example of quantity being irrelevant to the quality of work performed, but you get the picture.

Another reason that quality trumps quantity is because goods and services of high quality tend to last a lot longer. This concept has sparked the “Made In America” culture, where Americans believe that everything made in the U.S.A. is of the highest quality and supports our nation (which we know isn’t completely true).

In short, when considering a purchase of goods or services, consider the quality. If you’re in the market for online marketing, for instance, we provide consistent, high-quality social media content for your business as well as web design and management services (had to drop that in there!). If you’re a business owner and you’re promoting your goods and services, make sure that you consider quality before quantity – you can always multiply quality, but it’s pretty hard to get rid of bad quantity!