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When you’re looking to make awesome content, as a digital marketing company there’s really only one choice:


Why, you ask? Well consider this: Adobe has created world-class software, used by just about every major creative organization and serious artists around the world. Whether you’re an art student in college, a video production company, or a boutique advertising agency, your success not only depends on your ability to create high-quality media but it also hinges on what you’re using to create your content.


For the graphics that we produce for our clients, we will only use Adobe® Photoshop. We could use GIMP, SumoPaint, or Affinity Photo – surely, they’re cheaper…right? Let’s put it this way: when you’re in the business of helping businesses market their business, it pays dividends to shell out just a few extra bucks for a software that has all the bells and whistles.

Major motion pictures are produced on a number of software platforms, but as you can guess, the most notable is Adobe® Premiere and Adobe® After Effects. Trust me: Avengers: Infinity War wasn’t created in iMovie! The power of the Adobe® video software is unparalleled, and probably will be for quite a long time.


When Adobe® moved to the subscription payment model, it pissed off a lot of creatives – myself included. But once I went back to school, I realized something: it was extremely cheap for the first year, and then the student cloud subscription went up to $29.99. That’s actually not terrible, especially when you’re running a business that’s solely dependent upon your company’s ability to create content for its clients.

Another aspect to consider is that if we still had to buy the hard-disk or one-time download versions of Adobe® products, we’d end up having to pay for a whole new product when technology exceeded the program’s ability to export in high-demand formats (you can’t export a 4K/UHD video from the Adobe Premiere version that existed in 2005, for instance).

I’m willing to pay a little over $30 a month to always have access to the most up-to-date version of my most important software from Adobe®.


The last point I’ll make about Adobe®’s Creative Cloud is that it definitely maintains its quality with each and every update. The hardcore users always find little bugs, which Adobe’s IT team quickly squashes with no problem. They have top-of-the-industry people working around the clock to make sure you and I have the best possible experience, and for that we should be grateful.

Quality of service and product quality go hand-in-hand, and every Adobe® product is backed by their team of professionals. This is starting to sound like they hired us to advertise for them, but they didn’t (unfortunately!).

So, when you’re looking for a way to break into the multimedia industry, create your own creative organization, or find the best software to use, Adobe® will crush all other options out of the water in terms of the tools and resources you’ll have available to you. I’d even venture so far as to say that Cassus Media LLC wouldn’t be able to operate without the Adobe® CC products at our fingertips.