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No doubt, LinkedIn is a professional platform for business owners, job seekers, and freelancers. You don’t normally see people posting pictures or videos of their cats, venting about that idiot who cut you off in traffic, or asking for advice from friends on LinkedIn – it’s purely business, as it should be.

LinkedIn is like a booth at a business convention. You have your table, and placed on it are your credentials and experience for potential employers or business partners to look at. If you write a post, upload a video, or publish an article like this one, it’s akin to free Tootsie Rolls in a bowl for people to take. You’ve neatly arranged your name and profile photo as your brand behind you on a curtain, and you wait patiently for someone to take interest in what you have to offer.

This is the idea behind LinkedIn, the world’s #1 professional social platform. It’s the best way for businesses to catch the attention of employees or prospective customers, and places your brand as a serious, professional organization with quality products and services.

Now, when you are at a business convention, it’s great to have your table set up, waiting for the right people to stop by. What you may not know is that during a real convention, companies will have a scout go around the convention while someone else stays at the table to represent the brand. Welcome the rise of the “lead generation specialist” – someone who literally sets up a system to generate leads on your behalf on LinkedIn, specifically for B2B affairs.

If you haven’t heard of it before, LinkedIn has a system called LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It allows a company to filter LinkedIn users based on several parameters, including industry, age, gender, job description, and much more. You can then message those specific people who you feel may benefit your business, and who might be able to benefit from yours.

Going back to our scout example, this would be like sending out a person on the convention floor with all of the knowledge about who is your ideal fit as a client. This person would know exactly what businesses, positions, and industries would be worth their time engaging with so that no time is wasted during the convention – except, LinkedIn is a 24/7 convention that never ends!

It’s worth noting that if you’re not using LinkedIn very much to generate leads, it about time you did. Traditional forms of marketing are somewhat effective, but usually only for local business generation. If you’re looking to expand your online presence, hire someone who knows their way around LinkedIn and is effective at connecting with people. You’ll be glad you did.