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Why do I use Quickbooks Self-Employed (QBSE)? It’s pretty simple:

I love the interface, ease of use, and the cost.


When I was looking for an accounting service, Mint just wasn’t cutting it. Intuit by far has one of the most well-developed internet software and mobile app services available to the average consumer, but each has its purpose.

If you haven’t had a trial with any of Mint’s software, and you’re a business owner, definitely check out QBSE. It’s very simple to use, yet it has a lot of features essential to keeping track of your business accounting. For instance, you can choose to categorize expenses as either Business, Personal, or Split, and then subcategorize the reason for the expense (e.g., Web/App/Software, Meals, etc.).

It also give you graphic data and percentages to see how you’re spending your money in business AND in your personal life. For owner-operators, this is very important, and Intuit realized this. Let’s say there’s a woman named Jane Smith, and she owns a local food truck in town. She does everything by herself, and doesn’t have a lot of time to count every penny she’s paying for the gasoline she puts in the truck. QBSEtakes care of that, and she can categorize it on her smart phone when things get a little slow.

There’s probably a reason “Intuit” is short for intuitive, right? I’m pretty “in to it” so far…

Ease of Use

An enormous complaint I’ve always had about accounting software was its inability to properly connect with bank accounts, categorize expenses, and where to find the information I need in the software’s layout. Well, QBSE is for dummies like me who think they’re tech-savvy but then can’t find how to get into their account settings right away.

Pretty frustrating.

I’ve been happy so far with how ridiculously easy it is to understand the QBSE interface, both on desktop and mobile. It might take me 30 minutes to go through and categorize two months’ worth of transaction history, conveniently pulled from the bank account(s) I’ve authorized for Intuit servers to see. Some don’t feel comfortable with a third-party company digging into their personal financial information, yet I have yet to see a bank develop an app for business owners that not only tracks expenses, but your mileage and potential tax responsibility as well based on your gross earnings.


This is the fun part. When you’re a startup, it’s important that you learn to keep your financial ducks in a row at all times. One reason QBSE is so great is that because it’s only $4.99 per month to use, at least for the first three months. After that, it’s $9.99 I believe, and you can upgrade to integrate it with TurboTax® if you want for just a few dollars more per month. It’s less than the cost of my Netflix subscription, which I don’t use a lot anyway because you know – I’m busy building a business!

I’d encourage you to check out Quickbooks Self-Employed as your accounting software. Am I biased? Absolutely – I’ve been using Intuit products for years, but this is now the only one I’ll ever use from now on. Being organized in your finances is just the first step in running a successful business!