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Recently, I had an awesome client reach out to me on LinkedIn regarding some video work they needed done. Now, that’s not actually a flagship service that we offer, although it is a part of our social media marketing packages – purely for the fact that videos are the #1 consumed content on the internet.

Let me emphasize this again: they reached out through LinkedIn. This isn’t surprising to me, but it should be emphasized, because LinkedIn is built for business networking and job-seekers. If you’re in the digital B2B space, and you’re just getting started, how do you help clients find you on the world’s largest business platform?


The first thing that people look at is your headline, which is the description of who you are. For me, I listed it this way: Social Media | Digital Marketing | Entrepreneur. Now, the reason I did this is because it’s simple. It also lists the keywords that I would expect a company to look for when seeking a marketing specialist. The Search option in LinkedIn scans your headline and your job titles, so make sure you max these out.


Forget the picture with you and your friend at the beach – it’s time to get a profile photo that even you would be impressed with. Like it or not, people judge by appearances – so unless you look like a Hunchback of Notre Dame, you’ll be fine! Make sure to put some time and effort to look professional and trustworthy in your profile photo.


If you worked at a Best Buy for three months, or washed dishes at a local restaurant, leave it off of your LinkedIn. Recruiters and business talent scouts don’t give a crap about these little jobs – they want to know what serious, industry-related jobs you’ve held in the past. If you want to work for a private engineering lab, but have only worked at restaurants, then you better figure out how to make your work experience shine…even if you have to exaggerate a bit, without lying. It’s the way business is done: shine up your shoes with a little spit polish, and it’ll look good as new!


Unfortunately, in a world where everyone is getting a college degree, you might have a little trouble networking if you don’t have some sort of education listed on your profile. If you went to a trade school, that’s better than just listing your high school! Even if you took some online courses, that is better than nothing. Recruiters and talent scouts want to see that you care about learning, and constantly improving yourself to get better at what you do. If you don’t, then why would they hire someone content with the status quo?


Just like Facebook, LinkedIn has a cover photo that goes above your entire account and profile photo when someone visits your page. Use this to your advantage, and create a cover photo that either highlights your main interests (career-related), or points them to a website (such as your company website). Whatever it is, make sure it’s high quality; the recommended dimensions are 1584 X 396px, so I always create the dimensions at double this size (3168 X 792px) to ensure the highest quality when it shrinks on a computer screen or mobile device.


Don’t be afraid of LinkedIn, because once you take the time to learn how it works you’ll discover that there is a whole network out there that you never dreamed possible. LinkedIn is the B2B hub, and if you’re not active then you’re not going to make much of an impact in the business world…which means business won’t be so good. Build your profile, polish it up (remember, perception is reality!), and start networking.